A Mom Woke up from coma after seven-year to meet her daughter for the first time

A Mom Woke up from coma after seven-year to meet her daughter for the first time

Love is the biggest force that can work wonders and when we talk about a mother and its child relation, then it becomes even more true.So is the story of Meriza and her mother Denijela. Denijela who went in coma in 2009 after giving birth to her lovely daughter

Meriza without knowing about this happiest moment for any women. She remained in coma for 7 years and doctors gave up any hope of her recovery and even advised Denijela’s father George to donate her organs but George refused saying that Meriza has full confidence of her mother’s recovery.

Meriza who lived with George used to go with him to the hospital to meet her mother. For last two years she had been going to the hospital every single day to look after her mother. Before going to school, she goes to the hospital where she combs her mother’s hairs and make up her to beautify her.

And then says “you are looking very beautiful, just like me”. After coming from school, she takes her lunch and does her homework in hospital. She used to get scolded of being late to the school, she used to cry but never stopped going there.

Once George asked ” why are you doing this?” she replied now I am doing this, after getting well she will do this for me. And her firm believe resulted a miracle when Denijela after her 7 years long illness recovered.

This surprised all including doctors who believed in no chances of her recovery. Meriza went to meet her mother, held her hand and said “My name is Meriza. I am your daughter. You were ill and sleeping all the time, that is why you did’nt know this but I used to come here daily to meet you and would wait for your recovery so that we can take you back at home.

Now that she has recovered but this illness has made her very weak even unable to walk without any support. But Meriza tells her mother that i also used not to walk by myself but George taught me, so you will learn it too, I will make you walk.

This story proves the force of love that worked wonders and brought a miracle out of nowhere.