She insisted this black man couldn’t be in first class. His response is priceless!

She insisted this black man couldn’t be in first class. His response is priceless!

A black music executive has gotten kudos for his actions towards a white woman he called out for questioning whether he should be in a First Class priority boarding queue.

Emmit Walker posted a script of the conversation he had with the woman following their encounter from the First Class queue.

The woman behind him in the queue spoke to him to tell him he was in wrong place adding that ‘they will call y’all after we board’. He called her out on Facebook, but later regretted it saying that he didn’t expect such a widespread reaction to his post.

Her: excuse me i believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru. This line is for priority boarding
Me: priority meaning first class correct?
Her: Yes…now excuse me they will call y’all after we board
Me: *shove first class priority boarding pass in her face* you can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me
Her: *still won’t let It go* he must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait
Me: nope to big to ever be in anybodies military. I’m just a n!&&a with money 💰 🤷🏾‍♂️
Everybody waiting in line: starts to clap lmao 😂

Caught on Video: Ghost of girl killed by car outside haunted pub speaks landlady.

Caught on Video: Ghost of girl killed by car outside haunted pub speaks landlady.

A landlady filmed the spooky moment she believes the ghost of a girl killed by a car outside her ‘haunted’ pub spoke to her.

In her spine-tingling footage inside the dark tavern, footsteps can be heard before a young girl’s voice appears to call out ‘are you waiting for me?’ and a door creaks.

Bodalla Arms Hotel owner Michelle Coric thinks the ghoulish voice is the spirit of a young girl struck over 15 years ago as she chased her pet turtle into the road.

The 49-year-old is determined to uncover the truth amid a wave of paranormal activity surrounding the historic pub in New South Wales, Australia.

The mum-of-three, who lives above the heritage-listed hotel, said: “It was only myself and the security guard there at the time.

“We were waiting around when we felt this sudden drop in temperature.

“I could feel someone there. We had been waiting here at the bar every night, so we felt shocked and excited when all those long nights paid off.

“I couldn’t help but wonder what she meant; ‘are you waiting for me?’. Maybe it’s because I wait in the bar for her every night?”

The historic Bodalla Arms has stood in Bodalla, nearly 124 miles from Canberra, since 1875 but Michelle and her husband Nick took over the pub in 2014.

Since she shared the footage on social media on Friday it has racked up more than 4,500 views and even saw her contacted by a family member of the girl she believes is now haunting the venue.

Michelle was told the tragic five-year-old died 15 years ago after she was hit by a car outside the establishment when she chased her pet turtle into the road.

She said: “The girl’s voice is gentle and high pitched. I don’t know how to alter footage, so it is what it is.

“I’ve also heard a man laughing and it did scare me because it was echoing and deep, but I never felt threatened. I fear the living more than the dead.”

Michelle believes the venue could be haunted by numerous ghosts after also snapping photos of otherworldly ‘orbs’ – which appear as glowing balls of light in her photographs – and strange grey shapes she believes could be spirits.

The intrigued mum sought the services of a clairvoyant, who she says supported her research into the history of the hotel – even though she kept him in the dark on her findings.

But despite her eerie discoveries, Michelle says she doesn’t fear the spirits – even allowing her children, twins Jasmine and Jaxson, two, and Baileigh 12, to play games with them.

She now plans to make it her mission to shed light on the dark history behind the spooky goings-on – by continuing to stake out the bar for more paranormal activity each night.

Michelle said: “We get plenty of ghosts here, I’ve never felt threatened.

“I got a clairvoyant to come through, but I didn’t tell him anything about the pub, I wanted him to tell me. What he told me supported the research I had done.

“We will keep doing nights and keep asking until she tells us. I have faith she will communicate again.”

Meet the woman who claims she had sex with a 19th century ghost!

Meet the woman who claims she had sex with a 19th century ghost!

A woman has claimed she had “amazing” sex with the ghost of a 19th century man while she was living alone in a remote cottage.

Sian Jameson said she had first spotted the man in a historic painting which had been placed above the fireplace at the property.

The 26-year-old had left behind her life in London and moved to the cottage in Aberystwyth, Wales after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years.

Sian said: “Everywhere I went reminded me of my ex. I needed a fresh start.”

Describing the property she moved into, she told Wales Online: “The owner had even left books and paintings.

“One painting in particular caught my eye – it was above the mantelpiece in the main room and was of a handsome young man and dated 1820.”

A writer, she said that being in the countryside inspired her.

“It was great. No distractions – just me, the trees and the sky.

“I was paying my rent by doing bits of copy writing and, because I didn’t want for much in the countryside, I managed okay.

“I enjoyed the peace: after a long relationship, being on my own was quite exhilarating. I started to wonder whether I’d ever want a man in my life again.”

She began having erotic dreams .

“I’d wake up thinking I was still in a relationship and was quite relieved to find myself alone.”

“A few months after I’d moved in I woke early one morning to find a dark-haired, very good-looking young man lying next to me.

“He was fully clothed – in a loose white shirt, a neck scarf and old-fashioned breeches.

“He had a kind of shimmer to him as if he was behind a fluttering voile curtain. I told myself I was dreaming and rolled away from him.

“As I faced the wall I slowly realised I wasn’t asleep and, suddenly, I was frozen with fear. I felt a hand on my waist but the touch was strange – light and cool.”

She said she knew instinctively that he was a ghost and that she recognised him as a man in the painting.

“We started to make love.
“He was very gentle and stroked my body tenderly.

“During the lovemaking, I sensed all kinds of things about him – his name (Robert) and when he lived (over 100 years ago).

“We didn’t speak – it was as if he was communicating with me telepathically. His body was soft and light.

“Even when he moved on top of me, pressing down, he felt almost weightless. It was very strange but the sex was amazing.

“I was totally perplexed about what had happened.

“In fact, I started to wonder whether it had happened at all.

“In the end, I told myself it was just a very vivid dream and put it to the back of my mind.”

Spiritualist Sian has always believed in ghosts and claims to have seen apparitions before. But none of them had ever got intimate with her.

“Again, he appeared in the morning, we made love again but this time, afterwards, I watched him get up, get dressed and leave the room.

“I was expecting to hear his footsteps on the wooden stairs but there was no sound. I watched him through the open bedroom door and saw him kind of fade as he approached the top of the stairs.”

This time she didn’t go back to sleep. She got up and followed. But Robert was gone.

“He appeared one more time after that,” Sian recalled.

“It was night-time and I was just drifting off to sleep. All of a sudden, the duvet slid off me and I could feel a cool hand running up my thigh, under my night-shirt.”

Sian said she knew he wouldn’t be back. “I sobbed after he’d left that night,” she confesses. “I guess I had fallen in love.”

She said she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“I tried to find out more about him by searching online, and although I found a painting of a young man who looked very much like him by a 19th-century French artist – I didn’t really get anywhere.”

She told a couple of close friends about what she’d experienced. “That was a mistake,” she admitted.

“They looked at me as if I was mad. So I just laughed it off, said something about eating too much cheese before bed, then kept quiet after that.”

Sian is now in a relationship with a living man.

“When I first told him about Robert, he thought it was funny. He reckons it was just a dream. But I know it wasn’t a dream. It was real.

“And the sex was as good – if not better – than any other sex I’ve had. Just don’t tell my boyfriend that!”

Psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz says: “Although the experience of making love with a ghost felt very real to Sian, the ‘spectre sex’ always happened either early in the morning or late at night, while she was just waking up or just nodding off.

“It’s well known that particular types of hallucination occur during the transition from wakefulness to sleep (hypnogogic hallucinations) or from sleep to wakefulness (hypnopompic ones).

“Such hallucinations can be extremely vivid and bizarre, and can include tactile, visual and auditory. These hallucinations are more common in young adults and women, and certain other drugs (prescribed or illegal) make them more likely.

“Like dreams, the subject of a hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucination can often be of something that’s been on your mind.

“Stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can make people more prone to this form of hallucination.

“Given that Sian’s feelings after breaking up with her boyfriend were so strong that she felt the need to leave London and isolate herself in the country, that suggests she was struggling with a lot of difficult emotions.

“And, finally, Sian says ghostly ‘Robert’ was a gentle, tender lover. After a bad breakup, who doesn’t feel a strong need to be soothed and cared for? I believe her dream lover represented the fulfilment of that wish.”

But parapsychologists believe that some ghosts do have the power to get quite physical. Ghost-hunter and author of the book Ghost Sex: The Violation, G.L. Davies, says: “No-one knows what motivates ghosts to have sex with the living. Are we like lab rats to them?

“Is there some kind of battle for our souls? Are these ghost demons trying to break us? Who knows?

“One thing’s for sure though, the people who experience it are certainly not dreaming. I spoke to many people – men and women – for my book and some of their stories are pretty shocking.

“They’re all convinced the sex actually happened and wasn’t imagined. And who am I to contradict them?”

5 Famous Ghost Stories that Spooked You have Totally Logical Explanations

5 Famous Ghost Stories that Spooked You have Totally Logical Explanations

If scary stories have you spooked—these explanations will calm your fears.

The Amityville Horror house
Although the cover of The Amityville Horror says it’s based on a true story, most of this tale is anything but. The story starts with a very real—and very grisly—murder: On November 13, 1974, Ronald Defeo Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings while they slept. But after that, the truth gets murky. According to the Lutzes, the family that moved in after the murder, the house was haunted. (Don’t miss this account from a woman who stayed in a real-life haunted house.) People and furniture levitated and shape-shifted, gelatinous drops appeared out of nowhere, and Mrs. Lutz began having nightmares of the murder. Unfortunately for those who love a good ghost story, the claims are largely considered a hoax—and no family that’s lived in the house since the Lutzes has reported any type of paranormal activity. These are the 31 scariest movies of all time.

The Anson Light highway ghost
Dreaming up stories about haunted highways is as American as apple pie. But for the town of Anson, near Abilene, Texas, the jig is up. As the story goes, if you drive up to the local cemetery and flash your flights at the end of the road, a ghost light will flicker in the distance. According to legend, it’s the light from a lantern held by a grieving mother looking for her son—apparently, they both perished in a Texas snowstorm. (You’ll never guess what “Texas” is slang for in Norway.) A professor at the nearby Abilene Christian University had a differently theory, though, and guessed that the light was actually coming from traffic on a nearby highway. He recently tested his theory with a group of students armed with GPS trackers and a pair of binoculars. Turns out, it’s case closed; the Anson Light is nothing but headlights in the distance.

The haunted H. House
This ghost story almost turned deadly—but not for the reason you might expect. After moving into a new home in 1912, the “H. family” almost immediately began experiencing depressions, poor sleep, apparitions, and phantom sounds. (These are the 8 haunted places you can rent on Airbnb.) Mrs. H wrote an account of the activity:
“On one occasion, in the middle of the morning, as I passed from the drawing room into the dining room, I was surprised to see at the further end of the dining room, coming towards me, a strange woman, dark haired and dressed in black. As I walked steadily on into the dining room to meet her, she disappeared, and in her place I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror, dressed in a light silk waist … On the night of January 15 we went to the opera. That night I had vague and strange dreams, which appeared to last for hours. When the morning came, I felt too tired and ill to get up. G told me that in the middle of the night he woke up, feeling as if someone had grabbed him by the throat and was trying to strangle him. He sat up in bed and had a violent fit of coughing, which lasted about five minutes … G had always slept heavily, never hearing a sound and nothing disturbed him. Now he was continually waking, answering the telephone and the doorbell, which had never rung, and looking for burglars, who never materialized.”

The family had a right to be terrified, but upon further investigation it was discovered they were actually suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. (Here’s how to protect your home from carbon monoxide.) H. house’s furnace was faulty and was slowly releasing the deadly gas into the home. The result was the family’s hallucinations and unexplained sickness.

Photos of “spirits”
Grieving families seeking closure will sometimes go to far lengths find it—and that’s exactly how William Mumler rose to fame as a spirit photographer. (If you prefer music to photography, these are the 15 scariest songs of all time.) In 1861, Mumler was working as an amateur photographer in Boston, Massachusetts, when he developed a self-portrait that appeared to have the image of a young girl in the background. Mumler assumed the image was a mistake—that it was the trace of an earlier negative made on the same plate—but friends and relatives argued that the girl looked like his deceased cousin. When the spiritualist community got hold of the image, they declared it the first photo of a spirit. Mumler went with it, and became rich taking “spirit photos” for families who had lost relatives in the Civil War. Although critics often pointed out that the figures in his photos often resembled people who were still alive—and in many cases people who had recently sat for photos—Mumler still landed a session with Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s widow. The photo includes a shadowy image of Lincoln in the background. Unfortunately, the photos are totally altered. This easy trick lets you check if an image is fake.

The ghost of Coventry
When a ghost terrorizes a group of scientists, it’s likely to face far more skepticism than it would in an ordinary workplace. That’s what happened at Coventry University in 1998. Workers at Vic Tandy’s medical lab began calling the place haunted after experiencing feelings of depression, cold shivers, and apparitions while in the lab. One night, Tandy himself was working alone when he saw a dark figure creeping up behind him. When he turned around to face it, the creature disappeared. After a bit of problem solving, the engineer discovered it wasn’t a ghost that was tormenting the lab, but a low-frequency standing wave in the center of the room. The origin of the wave? A fan in the corner. It turns out, the 19hz-frequency was able to trigger a madness of sorts in Tandy and his colleagues. When the fan was turned off, the hauntings ended.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch

Probably the most famous ghost in American history is the Bell Witch, a poltergeist who basically trolled the heck out of the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee, from 1817 to 1821. A spirit claiming to be “Old Kate Batts’s witch” drove John Bell, Sr. and his kids to the brink of insanity with typical poltergeist behavior, like constant knocking and scratching sounds and physical assaults like hair-pulling, pinching, and sticking the various Bells with pins.

Less usual, however, is that all this phenomena began when John saw a weird animal that looked like a black dog with a rabbit’s head out in his field. That is fairly weird, even by poltergeist standards.

While Kate liked to harass the Bells’ youngest daughter Betsy (especially disapproving of the boy she chose to marry) and father John (who received an almost endless stream of death threats from the witch), she showed a lot of affection for Bell’s wife, Lucy, giving her fruit and singing her hymns.

Look, let’s not say Lucy definitely had a book called “So You Hate Your Family and Want to Summon a Ghost or Witch or Both” under her bed, but the signs are all there.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to climb underground and possibly be harassed by a ghost, great news: the Bell Witch Cave, where Kate’s ghost is said to reside since leaving the Bells behind in 1821, is a popular tourist spot.

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Esports Community Rallies Behind Disabled CS:GO Player After Being Bullied

Esports Community Rallies Behind Disabled CS:GO Player After Being Bullied

His name is Adam Bahriz, but most of you know him as “Loop”. Loop loves to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is quite good, even compared to those that can actually see their computer monitor.

Yes, see as in what you are doing right now reading this.

Loop is legally blind and suffers from a rare genetic condition called HSAN type 2.

HSAN type II is a condition that primarily affects the sensory nerve cells, which transmit information about sensations such as pain, temperature, and touch. Loop cannot feel physical pain.

But he can feel the emotional pain of being ridiculed and bullied. That’s exactly what happened in this instance and it wasn’t the first time.

Loop was kicked from an ESEA match after asking his team in voice chat if they wanted him to smoke off the A Bomb site on Cache while on the Terrorist side. Loop has a slight speech impediment, but is perfectly understandable. The players with whom he was playing called him a troll, said they were going to mute him, and then ultimately kicked him from the game. All because of the way he sounded.

I bid you that this is where the sadness started and ended. You see, when the esports community found out that one of their own was being bullied and discriminated against, they rallied–and did they ever.

The leader of Cloud9’s CS:GO squad, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, was the first to denounce what had happened and rallied behind Loop. He went so far as to reach out to the young man and offered to play with him. The offer was accepted and Loop had the time of his life.

Loop was then invited to play with the many professional Counter-Strike players and streamed it live on Some of you may not have realized that Loop was telling us his story.

With his face pressed up against the monitor as close as he could get, he moved, played, clicked his mouse with expertise that some of you out there will never be able to do. We saw his emotions when he lost a round, we watched him celebrate when he won a round. But perhaps the most poignant and tear jerking move came when Mohamad ‘mOE’ Assad donated $500 to Loop during his stream–twice.

Loop has become the focal point of thousands of professional players and hundreds of thousands of esports fans. We are learning every day that the culture of esports is an inclusive group, that sometimes fight amongst themselves, but never in a way that Loop was treated. That doesn’t fly here.

Ryan ‘fREAKZOID’ Adadir also took to his stream and summed up beautifully what it means to be one of the many great, kind, and compassionate people in the esports community.

Well said Ryan, well said. Because of people like you, Loop had the best day of his life.

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Nasa announces alien life could be thriving on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Nasa announces alien life could be thriving on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

It might look like a frozen wasteland, but beneath the inhospitable surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, life could be thriving in warm underground seas, scientists believe.

Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft has picked up the first evidence that chemical reactions are happening deep below the ice which could be creating an environment capable of supporting microbes.

Experts said the discovery was ‘the last piece’ in the puzzle which proved that life was possible on Enceladus, a finding all the more remarkable because the small moon is 887 million miles away from the Sun.

Prof David Rothery, Professor of Planetary Geosciences, The Open University, said: “At present, we know of only one genesis of life, the one that led to us.

“If we knew that life had started independently in two places in our Solar System, then we could be pretty confident that life also got started on some of the tens of billions of planets and moons around other stars in our galaxy.”

India to ban discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS | India has passed a landmark bill which aims to ensure equal rights for those living with HIV/AIDS.

India to ban discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS | India has passed a landmark bill which aims to ensure equal rights for those living with HIV/AIDS.

The HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, passed by the country’s parliament on Tuesday, will make it illegal to discriminate against people living with and affected by HIV.

It is the first of its kind in south Asia, and will make India the largest country in the world to ban this kind of discrimination.

The legislation will make it illegal to discriminate against those living with HIV in the workplace; deny them access to education, housing and health care, or the right to stand for or hold public or private office. The legislation also bans businesses and other public places from refusing entry to anyone with HIV/AIDS.

There are also provisions where a person with HIV is not required to undergo an HIV test, medical treatment or research without their consent. An individual will also have the right to not disclose their status unless they choose to or if required by a court order.

There were more than 2.1 million people living with HIV in India in 2015, according to UNAIDS, the United Nations program which monitors global action on HIV/AIDS. Speaking Tuesday, India’s Health Minister J. P. Nadda said the bill was “historic” and promised action “against those who create hatred against HIV patients,” according to the Press Trust of India. The move was welcomed by many organizations that advocate for people living with HIV. “This legislation begins to remove barriers and empowers people to challenge violations of their human rights,” said Steve Kraus, director of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and the Pacific. Huidrom Rosenara, an associate director with the Delhi-based India HIV/AIDS Alliance, told CNN that “there have been many incidents of discrimination in hospitals, schools and communities.” “These incidents have decreased compared to decades ago but they still occur,” she said. “(The legislation) is a long awaited and positive move. We are very optimistic about it as it speaks volumes about the political commitment.” India has the highest number of people living with HIV in the Asia Pacific region, and the third highest in the world, behind South Africa and Nigeria , both of which have also passed laws banning some forms of discrimination. There were an estimated 36.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS globally in 2015, according to UNAIDS. In India, more than 68,000 people died of AIDS that same year. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. It took more than 15 years to table Tuesday’s act, discussion of which first began in 2002. The bill has received assent from both of India’s houses of parliament and is awaiting presidential approval before it becomes law. Rosenara from the India HIV/AIDS Alliance warned the law “won’t change the public’s mindset,” but agreed it was a step in the right direction. “It will protect the rights of people with HIV and let them lead their lives with dignity and respect,” she said.

Human golden retriever to be given ice cream

Human golden retriever to be given ice cream

Sure, it’s a surgery usually associated with elementary school, but for UFC lightweight Sage Northcutt, it could be a huge help in his fighting career.

And he’ll also get to eat a bunch of ice cream, so there’s that, too.

Northcutt (8-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC), who just recently celebrated his 21st birthday, today took to social media to reveal that he was undergoing a recently scheduled tonsillectomy.

This past December, Northcutt was submitted by Mickey Gall in a welterweight contest. “Super” Sage had hoped to try and rebound with a win in his native Texas at UFC 211 next month in Dallas but will have to reschedule following today’s procedure.

Northcutt has battled strep throat multiple times in his octagon run. UFC President Dana White famously admitted he “blew it” allowing the prospect to compete against Bryan Barbarena while ill at UFC on FOX 18 in January 2016, when Northcutt was handed his first professional defeat.

The UFC fighter’s father, Mark Northcutt, recently told MMA Fighting his son developed another case of strep throat while training with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley ahead of UFC 209, necessitating today’s procedure.

Patients are usually directed to consume soft foods for one-to-two weeks following a tonsillectomy. In a potential blow to apples everywhere, the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery also recommends drinking “plenty of fluids,” including “water or apple juice.”

For more on the UFC’s upcoming schedule, check out the UFC Rumors section of the site.